My name is Sara I am a teacher.  I have decided to set myself a challenge to do what I and a number of other teachers ask of students all the time in class.   We give them a writing prompt and expect them to write.   Then of course we get the standard, “But miss we don’t know what to write”.     

Writing is hard and writing standards according to NAPLAN are at an all time low in Australia.  There is a lot of focus on grammar and structure there should be but sometimes when you tell a student to write a story about a time in their life they achieved something, or where they would go if they could go anywhere in the world and why, they are don’t know what to write.

So I have downloaded a list of writing prompts created by someone I don’t know and everyday I am going to look at the topic for that day and try and write something – starting this day August 7 2017.

If you want to check the topics for the day they are can be found at this website.