YAWN What I find Boring

I am so bored by routine.  There are some things like getting dressed or eating that I don’t mind so much, but it’s those other things that are kind of important for your own pride but not life threatening if you don’t do for a week or two that I find tedious, particularly housework.    Enough said right?  Hands up who gets a kick out of housework.   In fact if you do please comment below with your secrets to make it enjoyable.

Here goes my boring day.   Get up get the kids going, ensure everyone has breakfast and the cat is fed.   Kids run off to get ready for school. Or muck around and play until I come up and shout at them.   I get dressed ready to drive them to school.   After I get back I walk into the kitchen and sigh as I see the massive amounts of dishes piled up on the sink.   There are also remnants of last night’s dinner dishes, that didn’t make it into the dishwasher last night.  Then there are the breakfast dishes piled up on the sink.   “Why I ask the family can’t you take a few more steps and put them in the dishwasher?”  

”Because” they reply, “The dishwasher still has the clean dishes in it from last night.”  They race off upstairs to muck around instead of getting their school uniforms on when they could have helped empty the dishwasher.  Instead the dishwasher has to wait because I need to go up and tell them off, and look for their uniforms because they can not find them (most of the time they are in the first drawer I open).   So there I am after the school run faced with cleaning up the kitchen emptying the dishwasher, reloading it and washing last night’s dinner pots.

Then there is the laundry – there is always laundry, and given that it is so cold and the dryer doesn’t work then it is hanging around our living room all the time.  It is so depressing and I find that hours of the day are wasted folding laundry.

Then there is vacuuming, but vacuuming cannot be done while there are clothes and children’s discarded drawings all over the place in every room, so first there is tidying.   That means thinking about what is clean and what is dirty and what should go where.    Yes the kids should do this, but often when they are asked to put their laundry away they mishear me and think I said, “Put your clean laundry on your bed and run out to play.”  Then of course it falls on the floor and it goes back into the washing pile even though it hasn’t been worn because it is the easiest thing to do when asked to clean your room.   Perhaps this is my fault for not being stricter on my kids, which brings me to the next thing I find boring.

I hate nagging my kids well that’s what they refer to it as  – nagging.  I on the other hand just find it boring having to give the same explicit instructions every time I need something done.    “Put your clean laundry away in your drawers or cupboard.”  If I forget to add the, “Or cupboard,” bit then everything gets rammed into a drawer, with the excuse “But you only said put it in the drawer.”   If I don’t mention either the drawer or the cupboard it goes where ever,   “But you didn’t say put it away in the drawer” is the reason they give.   So yes after years and years of giving the exact same explicit instruction of what to do with the clean laundry I am so bored!

Then every evening its make the dinner, which I don’t mind but usually I can’t start until the lunch boxes are emptied which means the dishwasher form this morning needs to be emptied and reloaded.    While cooking I have to tell the kids to get in the shower that means I have to explicitly tell my 10 year old daughter to brush her hair get her pyjamas and towel ready turn the water on get in the shower, soap herself down and wash her hair with shampoo because if I don’t she is in there with no towel, she doesn’t use shampoo or soap and she has no pyjamas ready and she is shouting to me to get her a towel.     Really 10 years old! Then I have to tell the kids when to get out of the shower or they will stand there daydreaming until the hot water runs out

After dinner the dishes get stacked on the bench even though there is actually space in the dishwasher, they still need to be told every night which means I have to remember to give another boring explicit instruction before they take off upstairs.

Then it is time to read the kids’ books (I love reading but I did not realise how boring The Famous Five really are – I used to think they were cool).  Actually to be honest even though some children’s books can be tedious I do love reading to them because they snuggle up with me and for an instant I feel like we might be a close loving family (and if there is a new David Walliams book out even better).   Yes were are close and loving, until I have to  tell them to brush their teeth and go to the toilet.  Then the mucking around and arguments begin, not to mention all manner of delay tactics until I am screaming at them to, “Get in your F***ing beds!”    Because I have even more boring tasks that need to be done before I am lucky enough to get into bed. 

The kitchen needs finishing, I need to make the lunches for school the next day, and have a shower myself if there is enough hot water left.  At the moment I am lucky enough not to be working because we have just moved to Tasmania and I am waiting on my teacher’s registration.    If I am working then this entire day still happens it just happens later in the day when I get back from work in the afternoon, and I am even more tired and cranky.

Daily Routine that is what I find boring.  How about you?

NB yes I am lucky to have a beautiful family who I love dearly.


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